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Posted on October 22, 2020 at 11:37 pm

The body that is human with the capacity of adopting a very nearly unlimited number of poses and jobs.

The body that is human with the capacity of adopting a very nearly unlimited number of poses and jobs.

Face Down Leg Raise

Lying on the front side, face down, feet directly, tight together and feet pointed, she must be raised by the slavegirl feet so far as she will. This really is an interesting test of freedom with bones going against their normal selection of motion, but shouldn’t be forced with bondage (especially perhaps perhaps not in the event that torso is tied down)! Dislocated bones aren’t elegant or pleasant.

Diana’s Bow

This really appealing variation on the facial skin down leg raise brings the hands back once again to cup the buttocks, and often additionally raises the pinnacle notably to help make the bend of this bow symmetrical. Regardless of the extreme attraction of this place as well as the implied invitation regarding the fingers willing to distribute the cheeks regarding the buttocks to give access front or rear, it really is perfectly chaste (thus the allusion that is classical back, feet together and outstretched, fingers together above mind outstretched, feet pointed. The virgin that is classic away on a sacrificial altar pose.On straight straight back, fingers above mind and outstretched, legs as wide dxlive apart since it is feasible to be but nevertheless on the floor, feet pointed. This sacrificial place indicates that it’s a sacrifice of virginity, in the place of of a virgin ergo the term “slut lose”.

Thighs Up

Topic lies on her behalf straight straight back together with her feet directly, raised vertically upwards, toes position that is pointed.This excessively beneficial to bastinado. In the event that ankles and knees are bound together, a rope could be passed away through the straight straight straight back regarding the ankle knot (along side it of this tops for the legs as opposed to the soles so that you can keep access that is clear the soles) and tied up up to a suspension system point. Read the rest of this entry »